Walking With Dinosaurs Review

Walking With Dinosaurs is bad. There’s no other way of putting it, except perhaps to add that it is depressingly bad.

Set 70 million years ago, the film follows the lacklustre adventures of a Pachyrhinosaurus called Patchi (see what they did there?) as he follows a paint by numbers plot in which a boy meets a girl and learns to be a hero by butting heads with other dinosaurs to prove his male supremacy, which also gets him the girl. I could go into how utterly insulting this kind of narrative is to anyone with an Iq higher than the Cretaceous period, but I won’t – I’ve got too many other good shots lined up.

Narrated by a brightly coloured Alexornis bird named Alex, who tells the quite literally plodding tale in a “humorous” pseudo Mexican accent, what few jokes there are come across as too referenced for kids
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