After 'The Amazing Spider-Man 3,' Will This Guy Become Spider-Man?

Last week, Andrew Garfield clarified that he was only good to go as Peter Parker in three Spider-Man movies, with no commitment to a previously announced fourth film. The fourth film had been rumored to be the “final battle” between Spidey and the Sinister Six, a cabal of villains gathered from across the new Spider-Man franchise, but have plans changed? Sony hasn’t said no outright to Amazing Spider-Man 4, but it has announced new solo films for the Sinister Six and the antihero Venom, slated for 2016. At first, I wondered how a Sinister Six film would work? With a mole in the mix? With a team that splits from within? Who’s the protagonist when the three films prior are working so hard to make these characters into villains? How can Sony make a Spider-Man...

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