The Case for Tommy Jarvis: What Was Great About Jason’s Nemesis and Why He Should Face Him Again

The Tommy Jarvis “trilogy” of Friday the 13th movies is among the franchise’s most popular. When looking at The Final Chapter, A New Beginning, and Jason Lives, it’s clear that we’re talking about three very different slasher movies—each with its own style.

They utilize the Tommy Jarvis protagonist in three very different ways, and there isn’t a massive character arc that strings them together, but they lend an air of continuity to a series that rarely bothered to have any.

Why does Tommy remain a consistent fan favorite? Examining the popular decisions of other franchises may help bring the issue into focus.

Surely we can agree that Dr. Loomis lends weight to the Halloween series as the boogeyman’s foil. He’s what every villain’s nemesis should be: resourceful, determined, and flawed. It’s this combination that I would argue makes him an enduring character.
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