Comedy gold: David Cross

In The Pride is Back, the hectoring American standup proves that snideness and sarcasm are often the highest forms of wit

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Title: The Pride is Back

Year: 1999

The set-up: There is a vicious bitterness to David Cross's standup that by rights should not be funny – and perhaps isn't. Two thirds of the way through this show, having expertly hectored the audience on religion, airports and some dumb guide to dating he's come across, Cross announces he is going to do some impressions. The audience cheers. "Yeah, right!" he replies wearily. "Get to the fucking comedy! Enough of the, 'Ooh, I don't like Jesus.' Make us laugh!"

Then he prepares his first impression: a crack baby. And this is not a play on words, perhaps about a baby getting stuck in a crack. It is not a cartoonish vision of an
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