X-Men: Uncertain? Jackman Doubting A Wolverine Return!

Of all the summer blockbusters released in 2013, the one that stood out for myself was X-men spinoff The Wolverine. Part of that had to do with the rather inspiring promotional campaign which made the film look pretty poor (along with the fact it followed the truly awful X-men Origins: Wolverine). So, I was rather surprised to learn James Mangold’s adventure was indeed a blast!

It was confirmed weeks ago that lead Hugh Jackman was brainstorming with Mangold on another Wolverine film. Of course, that super conclusion leading into Bryan Singer’s upcoming X-men: Days Of Future Past was near perfect and yesterday’s news that X-men: Apocalypse is next up, the future looked bright for Jackman’s adamantium-clawed mutant.

Well, he’s now clarified a few things about a possible return to the character post X-men:Dofp:

“I don’t know whether or not I will do this next movie.
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