American Horror Story: Coven - Episode 8 Review

Alice Rush reviews the eighth episode of American Horror Story: Coven....

After a week break American Horror Story: Coven is back. This weeks episode ‘The Sacred Taking’ followed straight on from the end of the previous episode whereby Delia began laying the plans to kill her interfering and murdering mother.

The episode opens on a confrontation between newly aligned voodoo witch Queenie and her former allies Zoe and Madison. Having been sent out by Laveau to fetch a dark heart for a ritual, Queenie kills and cuts out the heart of a rapist, holding the still beating organ in her hand as she proclaims to the witches “War is coming, and you’re going to lose”. It’s an extremely effective opening, giving a sense of danger and threat which I’ve said many times before seems to be lacking within this season.

Whilst Queenie’s departure from the Coven
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