English subbed trailer for The Four 2

The Four 2 (the second instalment in Gordon Chan’s three part martial arts fantasy) is heading for a Hong Kong release next month, so we thought it reasonable to assume an English subbed trailer would have come along for the ride? Well no such luck so far. Instead we’ve finally found it on an Indonesian movie site, of all places. Still....any port in a storm, or in this case a martial arts Wuxia fest. Synopsis: When the four constables of the Divine Constabulary investigate a murder in the suburbs, they unexpectedly stumble on clues to the murder of Sheng Ding Tian's family 12 years ago. While investigating the case, the constables discover facts about their past, facts they all would have preferred to keep hidden, and facts that force them to choose between old grudges and their new lives at the Divine Constabulary. And after a series of
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