Charlie Countryman Review

So many twenty-somethings of my generation wish they could just escape, be it from a mundane, ball and chain desk job, or a jobless after-college experience, or the debt-filled, stress-fueled lifestyle that our society now generates while we struggle just to keep our heads above water. We sometimes dream of just running away, hopping on a plane for a grand adventure we deserve, taking in all life has to offer – not watching it fly by as we put our nose to the grindstone day and day out, just to pay out our asses to do it again the next day.

That, in essence, is the story of Charlie Countryman, Fredrik Bond’s first directorial feature – except a death in our titular character’s family also prompts his adventure to a faraway land full of beautiful women, new friends, violence, gangsters, and incriminating evidence. Project X screenwriter Matt Drake essentially creates a mature fairytale,
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