The Wnuf Halloween Special Comes to DVD

One Halloween night in 1987 public access channel Wnuf aired a special live broadcast that took viewers on a tour of the haunted Webber House. What took place on that night was deemed so frightening that it never aired again... but now? Now it's on DVD!

From the Press Release

The film that tricked even the most clever horror connoisseur is now headed to DVD. A staged Halloween broadcast for the whole family, brought to you by Baltimore independent filmmaker Chris Lamartina. Dripping with extras including a making of, bloopers, and trailers. Prepare for flashbacks of television yesteryear.


Local television personality Frank Stewart leads a group of paranormal investigators including a Catholic exorcist, Father Joseph Matheson, and the prolific husband-and-wife team Louis and Claire Berger. Together, the experts explore the darkest corners of the supposedly haunted Webber House, trying to prove the existence of the demonic entities within.

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