‘Vampire Diaries’: Olga Fonda Talks Nadia’s Future With Katherine

Plus, how is Nadia connected to that ‘Anchor’ we’ve heard so much about? Olga gives HollywoodLife.com the scoop!

You’ve got to love The Vampire Diaries. Just when you think you know everything about a character — in this case, Nina Dobrev‘s now-human Katherine — you find out (poof!) the daughter she thought she lost centuries ago is alive and well… and raising hell! Olga Fonda recently spoke with HollywoodLife.com about that mother of a twist, what we can expect from the mom-daughter duo, and what Nadia’s involvement is with the Travelers and the Anchor.

Read On For My Q&A With Olga Fonda

>> So, I’ll start with a really dumb question: Is your accent real?

[Laughs] Yes! And for an international actor, it’s sometimes very difficult to get on TV, so when they said they loved my accent, it made me the happiest person in the world.
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