Why Hollywood is scared of risk

Producer Lynda Obst was at the heart of the film industry during its star-driven 1990s boom – which is what makes her critique of its CGI blockbuster-obsessed current incarnation so damning

"Speaking at a digital conference today," Hollywood stalwart Lynda Obst tweeted on 22 October. "Everybody hooked up and wired but not like we meant in the 80s." Part of the generation of producers who cemented the reign of conglomerate Hollywood with star-driven, multiplex-friendly fluff such as Flashdance, Contact and One Fine Day, Obst found herself shut out in the new millennium. The franchise-crazed studios had stopped commissioning original material; her producing deal at Paramount was nixed in 2008, with only two movies to show for it. Everywhere she looked, cinemas were full of superheroes, talking mammoths and sequels; she was exhausted, depressed and perplexed at the sea change. In the words of her son: "Making a movie because it's good is so 2003, Mom.
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