Michael Myers' 10 Most Memorable 'Halloween' Kills

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Michael Myers' 10 Most Memorable 'Halloween' Kills
Ah, Michael Myers. One of cinema's most notorious serial killers; pure evil on two legs. And whereas 'Psycho' is often considered the granddaddy of the "slasher" film, that'd make John Carpenter's original 1978 classic the "daddy" of this particular horror sub-genre. As is often noted, the original 'Halloween' has very little in terms of on screen violence and gore, yet it boasts some of horror's most memorable "kills." The sequels naturally upped the ante. It's no surprise that by the time they got to 'Halloween 6,' the original & now infamous producer's cut had portions re-shot with gore inserted to match what was going in the 'Friday The 13th' series at the time. Some of these outrageous kills feel tonally right for a 'Halloween' movie, others don't. But for better or for worse, Michael's always held his own against the competition! And since it's Halloween, we thought we'd
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