Haunter (2013) Film Review

Written by Brandy Bunce, MoreHorror.com

Based off the title of this film I was a bit hesitant of how good of a film it would be, with the exception of The Conjuring, paranormal based horror/thrillers have let me down recently, especially after I saw the film stars Abigail Breslin. Thankfully this film did not disappoint in terms of creativity and breaking Breslin from the Little Miss Sunshine shadow that follows her now in her teenage years.

Directed by Vincenzo Natali who is no stranger to the genre with the cult classic Cube, he successfully confused his audience while sparking their curiosity enough to want to see more throughout this film. I will say the beginning of this film is slightly confusing until close to the end when all the pieces finally start to come together. Yes, go ahead and groan, it’s one of those films that forces you to think.
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