FEARnet Movie Review: 'The Last Days on Mars'

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FEARnet Movie Review: 'The Last Days on Mars'
Cinematic appreciation is all a matter of perspective. To some viewers, the new indie sci-fi horror flick The Last Days on Mars will feel like a patently familiar or even simplistic rehash of themes, ideas, settings, and characters we've all seen before. To others, including me, The Last Days on Mars will come across more like one of those (virtually countless) sci-fi (mis-)adventure films from the 1950s; films in which the promise of visiting a distant planet was almost as interesting as the people and the creatures who spend time on that planet.

  Plot-wise, Ruairi Robinson's movie is certainly nothing revolutionary: it's the story of eight people who are spending their last 18 hours on the surface of Mars before packing up and heading for home. Obviously this is not how it works out. Given the film's title and tone, it should come as no surprise to learn that
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