Michael J Fox: 'Nobody pities me and that's great. I couldn't stand it'

As his first sitcom since Spin City screens in the Us, the Back to the Future star says being diagnosed with Parkinson's at the age of 30 saved him from alcoholism and possibly divorce

When Michael J Fox walks into the reception of his office in New York, he arrives like a bantam-weight boxer ready for a fight. It is not so much the way he moves, although that is partly why he gives that impression, his weight shifting restlessly from foot to foot. "I feel like I'm dangling from a coat hanger, with my toes scraping and kicking at the ground," he writes in his excellent autobiography, Lucky Man, describing the effects of Parkinson's disease, which for more than two decades now has racked his body.

What really gives him the appearance of a readying boxer is the look in his eyes. Whenever Fox meets someone for the first time,
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