'Devious Maids' episode 12: 'Getting Out the Blood' gets tougher

Did Marc Cherry really just kill off Taylor?

The final scene of Sunday's (Sept. 15) "Devious Maids" has a pregnant Taylor (Brianna Brown) shot in front of her house. And she looks dead.

If that weren't surprising enough, it appears that Philippe (Stephen Collins) killed Flora, the maid.

Given that people have appeared dead and were not, and that the season finale, which creator Cherry promises will tie up all loose ends, airs in a week, we can't be certain of either.

What we do know is: Philippe is evil, Rosie is reunited with her son, Zoila uses her manipulative ways to protect her daughter and Evelyn finally has enough.

A hired killer, doing Philippe's bidding, was supposed to whack Marisol (Ana Ortiz). Marisol was fleeing the Stoppards' home after Michael (Brett Cullen) warned her that Philippe figured out who she really is: the mother of the young man falsely accused of killing Flora,
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