Brooklyn Nine-Nine Review – Samberg Takes Cops For A Ride

On September 17th, SNL‘s Andy Samberg is going to try to sell you on cop comedy, and it’s about as tough a game as coming up with a Brooklyn Nine-Nine Review. I suspect he’s going to manage it, but it’s the kind of show that you’re going to want to know what you’re in for. You have to go a long way to find something worthy of comparison that doesn’t make this show sound like Scrubs P.D., and when you go that far back, the comparison may not make a lot of sense.

In a recent interview, show creators Dan Goor and Michael Schur (of Parks & Recreation – which gives an idea of the feel) mentioned Barney Miller, and that’s actually the best show I can think of to try to put Brooklyn Nine-Nine in a neat cubby, but that needs some explanation in itself.
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