Romain Dauriac: 5 Things To Know About Scarlett Johansson’s Fiance

Scarlett is walking down the aisle again! But her romance with her beau has been such a whirlwind that we haven’t even been able to get to know him yet, so allow us to introduce you to Romain!

When Scarlett Johansson and Romain Dauriac announced their engagement on Sept. 4, there were likely many people who felt happy for Scarlett but had no freaking clue who this Romain guy was. So before the couple officially ties the knot, let’s learn a little more about the soon-to-be Mr. Johansson.

Romain Dauriac: 5 Things To Know About Him

1. He’s An Art Lover

Romain is the former editor of the French magazine Clark, which specializes in urban art. He is now currently a manager of a creative agency, according to E!.

2. He Loves Early ’90s Rap?

Romain once took to Twitter to express his opinions on hip-hop. “Slick Rick, the best rapper ever?
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