10 WWE Superstars Most Likely To Break Into The Main Event

It all used to be so simple. What worked for the territories would work for the WWF: crown your biggest draw the champ and feed him a succession of supporting players from further down the card. Don’t worry if the challenger isn’t particularly over; the rub from the champ will make him look like a star for the couple of months he spends above his regular place further down the card. It’s a model that made Hulk Hogan the biggest thing the sport had ever seen. But that was back in the day of television squash matches and only a handful of Pay-Per-Views a year.

Come the turn of the millennium, an increased production schedule necessitated the building of an extension on the VIP lounge, and it became standard practice to maintain a top-tier line-up of multiple workers, all potential custodians of the big gold belt. The Rock,

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