‘Fields Of November’ Review

Stars: Louise Flory, Margot Kerlidou, Miguel Reyez, Peter Castle | Written by Chad Ritchie, Louise Flory | Directed by Chad Ritchie

Over a year ago I heard of a film called Fields of November. The synopsis sounded like something I would want to watch and I watched teaser trailers and clips online over the following months. I saw the film last week and I will begin this review by saying that I wasn’t disappointed, something that can happen easily after wanting to watch something for a long period of time. The hype that you add onto something in your own head before something is released can be a very terrible thing, but in this case, it was the opposite.

A woman wakes, her alarm harsh through a silent room, and her eyes show a deep sadness, cold and red. The story tells of this woman, Sarah, and her strict routine, a
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