Should We Be Excited About Chris Carter’s Two New Shows?

Even before The X-Files ended its nine-year run, Chris Carter was dismissed as a one-hit wonder. It’s easy to see why. His subsequent efforts — the occult-themed Millennium, the virtual reality-centered Harsh Realm, even The X-Files‘ goofy nerd brother The Lone Gunmen, which was co-created by Vince Gilligan — found few fans. Harsh Realm lasted only three episodes. Twenty years after The X-Files suggested (but didn’t show) its first UFO, news came that Carter was ready to give TV-creating another try. After revolutionizing the television landscape with The X-Files‘ pioneering direction, cinematography, and unique will-they-or-won’t-they coupling, Carter is poised to enjoy the fruits of his labors: a cottage industry of prestige cable dramas that look closer to cinema than television and a new media setting where sci-fi/fantasy reigns supreme. In his sights are an AMC drama about anti-government paranoia (sound familiar?) and a hour-long thriller on Amazon called The After that begins with the apocalypse
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