Sam Rockwell: 'I'm an old soul'

He plays a zany waterpark manager in The Way, Way Back, but the actor isn't quite the joker his on-screen personas often suggest

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As the best thing in the occasionally appealing, frequently cheesy summer schmaltzfest that is The Way Way Back, Sam Rockwell also delivers the movie's greatest moment. Faced with two kids stuck halfway down a waterslide, Rockwell, in gravelly mock-heroic mode as waterpark manager Owen, stands up to address to the waiting line of gormless boys. "I need a hero," he appeals to the crowd. Then, with impeccable timing, he adds, "I'm holding out for a hero till the end of the night."

But Rockwell doesn't even need to borrow the words of Bonnie Tyler to be hilarious. As always, he crackles with comic energy, but with something wild and potentially dangerous flowing underneath.
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