Making Una Noche in Cuba: Interview with Director Lucy Malloy

Spike Lee believed in Lucy Malloy’s Cuban drama that he offered to present the film and mentor the British-born director throughout the filmmaking process. The first-time filmmaker behind Una Noche tells CineMovie it was not an easy process especially when it came to shooting in Cuba.

Lucy Malloy met Spike Lee during her studies at Nyu and he eventually became Malloy’s mentor. The Malcolm X and Do The Right Thing director helped Malloy with script development and through the various editing sessions, according to the Nyu alumni. During CineMovie’s one-on-one interview with the British-born filmmaker, she said of the auteur. “He’s very supportive of young filmmakers.”

Una Noche takes place in Havana, Cuba and centers on the relationship between a brother and sister. When Elio decides to migrate to Cuba with his best friend Raul, he is torn between

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