Honda Aims To Save Drive-In Theaters With Project Drive-In

It's no secret that Drive-in theaters have been on the endangered species list of business establishments over the last few years. There were once thousands of drive-in movie theaters around the United States, and now there are less than four-hundred, and there may be even fewer once studios stop distributing 35mm film prints. Theaters that are unable to convert to digital projection will be forced to shut down. But all hope is not lost as a movement has started called "Project Drive-In," which aims to save as many drive-in theaters as possible by supplying them with new projectors. Via Variety, Project Drive-In is sponsored by Honda and is looking to preserve the iconic part of American car culture that is the drive-in theater. Watch the video below to learn a bit more about how drive-in theaters are being affected by digital conversion and what you can do to help your
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