Dexter Morgan: Finding Love in a Frankenstein Family

Dexter Season 8 Episode 7: Dress Code

For the past few episodes of Dexter‘s eighth and final season, I’ve been trying to wrap my mind around that enigma that is Dexter Morgan.

Yes. We know he’s a serial killer. And, yes, he follows a semi-strict code, which warrants only the death of the guilty. I only call the code “semi-strict” since Dexter often strays from it when it suits his needs or when it protects his cover.

But, is he truly a psychopath – devoid of human emotion – as Dr. Vogel would have us believe? Or was he merely forced into this life like Michael Corleone because his father, Harry, couldn’t understand him and Dr. Vogel misdiagnosed him?

Perhaps we can look at his relationship with Rita (Julie Benz) and subsequent marriage as only a small part of his overall, serial-killer cover. As Vogel would say, Dexter is incapable of love.
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