Movie News - How Much Money Did the Lone Ranger Lose for Disney?

Movie News - How much money did Disney lose on 'The Lone Ranger' flop? According to reports, Disney is anticipating a $190 million loss on big budget flop 'The Lone Ranger'. The blockbuster movie starring Johnny Depp and Armie Hammer - which was made on a reported $225 million budget - may cost the movie studio even more than the $150 million initially anticipated by financial analysts. The company filed its third quarter fiscal results yesterday (06.08.13) and told investors in a conference call that they expect to lose $160 to $190 million on the expensive movie, taking into account its monstrous budget as well as costly marketing expenses. 'The Lone Ranger' has stalled at just $86 million in the Us, where it opened to a paltry $29 million in its first weekend of release, and its worldwide total stands at $176 million. The film's stars and producer Jerry Bruckheimer recently blamed bad
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