Intrusion: Disconnected Trailer! Corey Feldman Joins the Cast

Intrusion: Disconnected Trailer! Corey Feldman Joins the Cast
Storytime Productions has released a trailer for Intrusion: Disconnected, and they have announced that Corey Feldman has joined the cast. Take a look at the footage, and read on for the production company's official announcement. You can also clickHere for more on the horror-thriller's IndieGogo fundraising campaign, and much more.

Storytime Productions is proud to announce Corey Feldman (The Goonies, The Lost Boys, Stand By Me) joins the cast of Intrusion: Disconnected. Intrusion: Disconnected, an independently produced psychological horror and thriller movie with a cast of over 50 actors! The film from Award winning writer/producer, Craig Everett Earl is directed by Award winning filmmaker Kyle Cates. James Houk (An Affirmative Act) serves as cinematographer and Carrie Cates (Summer League) as co-producer and editor. Octavia Earl, Jonathan Reece and Kelsey Forren are also co-producers to the film. Lead actress, Katie Stewart serves as executive producer. The film co-stars Scream Queen, Tiffany Shepis
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