Showgirls: Exposed Director Marc Vorlander Branches Into Music Production With Former Kraftwerk Member Fernando Abrantes

Oh, this makes my brain hurt.

German director Marc Vorlander appeared seemingly out of nowhere back in March, generating huge headlines all around the web with what was then known as Showgirls 2: The Story Of Hope, a completely unauthorized sequel to Paul Verhoeven's Showgirls that Vorlander claimed had more than twenty million dollars in backing. The trailer looked like something produced for closer to twenty. Period. Just twenty. The film has since cycled through a few titles before settling on Showgirls: Exposed while Vorlander has maintained an active dialogue with his online doubters.

Well, here's something else truly unexpected from the man. Vorlander is being credited as producer and co-creator of tracks on Robot Emotions, an upcoming solo record by former member of Kraftwerk Fernando Abrantes. And once again Vorlander is slapping cinematographer Geoff Schaaf's name on this (complete with customized logo) as though that will mean something to fans of Kraftwerk.
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