What's coming next in Teen Wolf season 3?

News Rachael Kates 26 Jul 2013 - 19:11

Whilst at this year's Sdcc, Rachael gathered some intel about forthcoming Teen Wolf episodes, based on a musical clue...

Spoiler warning: avoid if you're not up-to-date with Teen Wolf's third season.

During the 'Character of Music' panel at San Diego Comic Con, hosted by Bmi and White Bear PR, Teen Wolf showrunner Jeff Davis dropped a hint about this season's biggest villain - the Darach - in the form of the show's musical composition. He and composer Dino Meneghin let slip that one piece of music composed for the show is actually a highly important plot-point, namely, the chanting that accompanies the Darach's sacrifices and has been haunting Lydia Martin this season. The piece itself is another clue as to who, or what, Lydia is that makes her immune and magically inclined to finding the sacrifices.

Since real Druids kept no written records,
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