Charlie Sheen's New Co-Star Could Be O.J. Simpson

Charlie Sheen's New Co-Star Could Be O.J. Simpson
O.J. Simpson could head from prison to "Anger Management."

According to The New York Post, Norman Pardo, Simpson's promoter, pitched the idea to a production executive on the FX series in advance of Simpson's release from prison. Pardo said the show is interested.

"O.J. would play a thinly veiled version of himself -- a famous con who’s pissed off about being unjustly incarcerated," Pardo said.

Charlie Sheen stars in "Anger Management" as a former minor league baseball player who becomes a therapist specializing in ... anger management. Request for comment fro FX was not immediately returned. The New York Post reports the deal with Simpson is far from finalized, the network still needs to sign off on the idea and Simpson has yet to be released from prison.

"Anger Management" has been home to a few attempted comeback stories. Lindsay Lohan appeared in an episode and former "Grace Under Fire
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