“Teen Wolf” Paper Dolls: Stiles and Lydia

Teen Wolf is one of our favorite shows, but much as we love the denizens of Beacon Hills, they never quite do all the things we want them to do… or for a sufficient amount of time. So for hardcore Wolfies who want more of their favorite characters… and have the vivid imagination to create their own adventures, we bring you more fabulous Teen Wolf paper dolls by graphic artist Andy Swist. (You might recall his popular True Blood paper dolls from a few years back.)

Last week we posted everyone’s favorite sour wolf, Paper Doll Derek. This week it’s a twofer: Stiles and Lydia!

Pdf Version Stiles suitable for printing (right mouse-click and save)

Pdf Version Lydia suitable for printing (right mouse-click and save)

Helpful Hints:

• Print on thicker paper stock so pieces are more durable.

• Use glitter, ribbons, and other crafting/ art supplies to enhance each character.
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