Feature: 5 Signs of the Apocalypse in ‘The Bling Ring’

Chicago – “The Bling Ring” is the latest film from director Sofia Coppola. Her universe of the American Dream is filtered through a circumstance of Hollywood privilege. Who better to understand the end of the world than a director in the grasp of the modern film industry? The end is near.

The following are five signs of the coming apocalypse as filtered through “The Bling Ring.” The white hot nature of the left coast comes through as they are closest to the flame of the end, and therefore produce entertainments that presuppose those days. “The Bling Ring,” besides being excellent social commentary on L.A. society, has the following signs of the essential end of times.

L-r: Taissa Farmiga, Israel Broussard, Emma Watson, Katie Chang and Claire Julian are ‘The Bling Ring

Photo credit: A24

The Celebrity Culture Becomes Culture

The worship of celebrity becomes so acute in “The Bling Ring
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