'Teen Wolf' recap: Which character dies in 'Unleashed'?

"Teen Wolf" continues with its parade of disturbing deaths in "Unleashed." This time, it's Mr. Harris (Adam Fristoe), the chemistry teacher, who falls prey to the serial killer/supernatural creature/messed-up druid of Beacon Hills.

But what is the purpose of this sad death, a departure that deprives us of the most messed-up Beacon Hills High teacher? Find out in this recap.

Human sacrifice: It's not just for virgins anymore!

We can all rest easy: The creepy killer of virgins has moved on in "Unleashed." The newest murder victims have all had plenty of sex in their lives, so that's no longer the motive. But what is?

The first victim -- your standard Beacon Hills hottie with a cute little dog -- seems to die as a result of stupidity. I mean, what kind of person continues to reach under a car after a) his dog is somewhere else, b
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