DVD Review: The Silver Chalice (1954)

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Cinelinx chooses wisely while watching the classic Holy Grail epic The Silver Chalice, Paul Newman's first film!

This Warner Archive release is a Manufacture-On-Demand (Mod) DVD. It is made to be played in "play only" DVD devices, and may not play in some DVD recorders or PC drives. This disc, however, played fine in the Toshiba DVD recorder used for this review. This title is available directly from WBShop.com by clicking here.

The Set-up

A freed slave (Paul Newman) is chosen to cast the Holy Grail in silver, but his efforts are thwarted by enemies out to claim the grail for themselves. In addition, a magician (Jack Palance) uses his magic to convince Rome he is a Christ-like Messiah. Also stars Pier Angeli, Virginia Mayo, and Lorne Greene.

Directed by Victor Saville

The Delivery

The 1954 film The Silver Chalice may not be a classic along the lines of
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