The White Queen's attempted rape scene: producers respond to criticism

We were aware that it was a difficult scene for modern viewers, but it was based on historical records – and we avoided violence or titillation

The White Queen's Emma Frost (screenwriter and associate producer) and Gina Cronk (producer) respond to Jane Martinson's recent blog Rape on television: the question we should all be asking.

The scene between Edward and Elizabeth under the oak tree was one that we thought long and hard about and probably discussed more than any other in the whole of The White Queen. After lengthy debate, the scene was included because according to contemporary sources, it really happened; Elizabeth went to meet Edward, and their encounter went too far. A knife was drawn by one of them, but Elizabeth told him that she was "determined to die rather than live unchastely with the King". He did not rape her, and six weeks later they were married.
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