“Clan Of The Vein” Comes To Kickstarter

“Clan Of The Vein” Comes To Kickstarter
Clan Of The Vein, a Die Hard meets vampires concept coming to comics and film, has joined the Kickstarter frenzy. What separates them from the pack? Some super cool art, designs, makeup and creative goodies rewarded to those that help shepherd their vision to reality.

The team behind Clan Of The Vein, writer Neo Edmund and artists Neil D’Monte and Jason Walton, are aiming for $25,000 in order to make their graphic novel become a reality.

But what’s it all about? The synopsis, for y’all:

Clan of the Vein is an action-packed graphic novel about Ian MacBane - history’s most deadly vampire turned vampire assassin. Fueled by relentless determination, MacBane tirelessly hunted the world for countless centuries until he had exterminated every last vampire. With his quest seemingly complete, he became damned to live an immortal existence as a warrior without a war. Taking refuge in an
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