British director cuts his ties with Spanish civil war film

Bafta winner Michael Radford refuses to have his name on recently released movie after three-year tussle over finances with producer

It is a story of love during war and of a stubborn, long-eared, four-legged animal that wanders through the battlefields of Spain's bloody civil war in the 1930s. But the recently released La Mula, or The Mule, is a film without a director, after Britain's Michael Radford refused to add his name to a film that he co-wrote and mostly directed.

Radford, who won a Bafta and was Oscar-nominated for Il Postino, walked away a few days before shooting was due to end. "We thought it would only be a few days and that we would finish the film when he came back, because there was only a week left," said Secun de la Rosa, one of the main actors.

Instead, Radford was replaced by a director with a French accent in a balaclava.
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