TV Review: ABC’s ‘Mistresses’ Cheats on Good Television

Chicago – At its worst, ABC’s “Mistresses” feels like “Nicholas Sparks: The TV Series” with all the horrendous plotting and melodrama that implies. At its best, it feels like a “Desperate Housewives” knock-off, in which the charisma of its leading ladies get viewers past the writing flaws. It’s mostly the former - a cliched, surface-level soap opera more reminiscent of a Lifetime mini-series than what used to qualify for network TV.

Television Rating: 2.0/5.0

Mistresses” opens with a sex scene and then shots of Alyssa Milano walking in slo-mo to a bar. They know what you’re here for. “Meeting someone?” “Well, I thought I was. But now that you’re here, I’m changing plans.” Ooooh, sexy. Of course, it’s immediately revealed to be a faux sexiness as the couple is revealed to be a married one role-playing and the sex scene turns to a discussion of ovulation.
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