Man Finds Rare Superman Comic Book, Accidentally Rips It

One of the most valuable comic books is the first issue of Action Comics from 1938, which features the debut of Superman. One recently sold for over $2 million, which is why David Gonzales was shocked when he found an original copy in between old newspapers that were insulating a wall of his 1938 Minnesota house that he was renovating. Gonzales had a feeling that the comic was valuable. And after some research, he confirmed that it may be worth millions. Unfortunately, his luck was short-lived. He showed the comic to his wife's aunt, who excitedly grabbed the book. When he grabbed it back, the back cover tore. Because of the damage, the comic's value quickly dropped to a 1.5 out of 10. But the comic is so rare that it still has some value. Gonzales decided to auction it off. Bidding went up as high as $127,000 as of Friday and there are still about
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