Mark Ruffalo Says He's Returning as The Hulk, Talks 'Avengers 2' Recasting Rumors

Don't worry. Mark Ruffalo isn't walking away, Bruce Banner-style, from The Hulk just yet. Marvel fans have been in a panic ever since a Deadline story reported that some of the original cast of "The Avengers" might not be coming back for the much-anticipated sequel. The article speculated that Mark Ruffalo, in particular, was vulnerable, since the role of The Hulk has already been recast three times. Moviefone gave Ruffalo the chance set the record straight about whether he'll be back as the big green guy during a chat about his upcoming movie, "Now You See Me." (Look for our full interview about his role as an FBI agent trying to nab four bank-robbing magicians closer to its May 31 release date.) Moviefone: Are you back for "Avengers 2?" There's been a lot of talk about the salary negotiations. Mark Ruffalo: I assume so. I haven't been let go yet. Are
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