Regional Auditions at a Glance: Apr. 25-May 30

The following "Auditions at a Glance" calendar conveniently organizes projects by the date and day-of-the-week that the projects' auditions are taking place, to help you schedule your plans. Click on any of the following links to see the casting and job notices related to the dates and project titles highlighted below. Thu. April 25 Il, 'Reunion' Ma, Chester Theatre CompanyMI, 'Les Miserables' Az, Arizona Theatre Company 2013 Season Nv, 'The 3 Drunk Trolls' Fri. April 26 Il, 'Reunion' Ma, Stoneham Theatre 2013-14 Season Mi, 'Les Miserables' Tn, 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' Sat. April 27 DC, 'The Engagement' Fl, 'Le Reve', Nv Mi, FabLife Apparel and Accessories, Models Mi, 'Les Miserables' ID, River City Entertainment Season Ri, Gamm Theatre 2013-14 Season Sun. April 28 Mo, Repertory Thr. of St. Louis Season Ri, Gamm Theatre 2013-14 Season Mon. April 29 Everyman Theatre Season Fl, Palm Beach Dramaworks 2013-14 Season Fl, 'We Will Rock You' - The Queen Musical (Aea National Tour) Il,
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