Director John Asher shoots entire Somebody Marry Me comedy with one shot

Helmer John Asher has managed to shoot Somebody Marry me, a feature-length comedy with just one shot. Apparently the historic 98 minute film took 18 days to write and 3 weeks of rehearsal with the cast prior to shooting the whole pic without a single cut. That's quite impressive. The Kimberly Stuckwisch and Ben Milliken-produced film which was funded and produced by independent film financier Lamar Billups, is a heartwarming romantic comedy with a twist. Starring is Oscar-nominated Michael Lerner (Barton Fink) and The Soprano’s Ray Abruzzo, with a supporting cast including Annie Burgstede, Jeff Doucette and Leslie Murphy, among others. In Somebody Marry Me, David Rosenberg has just a few hours to find a woman to marry before his wealthy father gives his entire inheritance to his young spoiled stepmother. After losing his girlfriend, David posts an ad online looking for a wife and quickly finds himself in over his head.
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