Happy! Review – Grant Morrison and Darick Robertson

After several years of writing Batman and Superman comics for DC, Grant Morrison returns to the grimy, dark side of comics with Happy!, his first swear-filled, gory, and truly unpleasant comic since The Filth – and who better to join him than Darick Robertson, artist extraordinaire of the cheerfully vulgar Transmetropolitan and ultra-violent The Boys?

Set at that most corporate of holidays, Christmas, the family-centric festivities are subverted in this comic that portrays Santa as a junkie paedophile who’s been kidnapping and murdering children without getting caught. Meanwhile down-and-out cop-turned-hitman and all-round human wreck Nick Sax (Saint Nick?) is the unlikely hero who must stop him. Except, bah humbug!, he doesn’t care. So instead of being visited by three ghosts, a small blue goofy-looking unicorn called Happy shows up, the imaginary friend of one of the kidnapped children that only Nick can see. But can the upbeat and determined Happy convince the jaded,

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