‘Warriors of the Steppe: Myn Bala’ Review

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Stars: Assylkhan Tolepov, Aliya Telebarisova, Kuralay Anarbekova, Ayan Utepbergenov | Written by Muhammad Mamyrbekov, Javik Sizdikov, Timur Zhaksylykov | Directed by Akan Satayev

It’s a story we can all relate to: boy sees entire tribe slaughtered by enemy warriors, goes into hiding with survivors and becomes the greatest freedom fighter his country’s ever seen. Oh, and he also meets a girl, though that’s not terribly important.

Warriors of the Steppe: Myn Bala is the story of the oppression of the native Kazakhstani people by the Dzungars (a Mongol tribe descended from Genghis Khan) in the early 18th century and how a young boy grew into a powerful yet compassionate leader. It’s an aspect of world history that I knew almost nothing about before so there’s a vague history lesson among all the arrow-slinging and speech-giving but I suspect that pinpoint accuracy was left by the wayside in
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