Steve Coogan can't escape Alan Partridge in The Look of Love

The actor's attempt to play Soho sex king Paul Raymond should have worked on paper – they share a similar look and mannerisms – but there is only one role he can play

Steve Coogan looks a bit like Paul Raymond; the two men even share the same adenoidal tic. So Coogan ought to be better placed to play Raymond in a biopic than, say, Meryl Streep was, to play Thatcher. Yet during The Look of Love, it's not the legendary entrepreneur of erotica who fills the screen: it's Alan Partridge.

The character's gestures, mannerisms and intonation hail from the Norwich ring road, not Walker's Court. More importantly, so does his soul. The Look of Love seeks to portray its protagonist as a libertine tragically confounded by doomed paternal love. Coogan's Raymond meets his daughter's demise with an agonised show of remorse; yet his pained expression doesn't have you reaching for your hanky.
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