Hang out with the new ‘The Conjuring’ Trailer!

These past couple of weeks have been a wear on my body. Between moving, going to Cinema Wasteland (hopefully, i’ll write something up about that) and planning & organizing the Late Nite Grindhouse show this weekend, I need a few days off. Sadly, that will not happen so apologies if some of the stuff you see this week is not new to you but we really think we should post it.

I for one am getting pretty stoked to see James Wan’s The Conjuring. The first trailer, if you want to even call it that as it seemed more like a whole scene, definitely made me clap my hands. Warner Brothers seems to be very happy with the test screenings of the film that they have moved it to a summer date to bring a chill to the hot weather. The following trailer gives us a bit more information
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