A Dour Mood Makes It Hard to Get "Down the Shore"

Despair and grief have never been as palpable as they are in Down the Shore. This moody film centers around two close makeshift families dealing with a recent death. While not the most enjoyable tone for a movie, solid performances by the cast help ground the story and your interest in it.

Starting in France, tourist Susan (Maria Dizzia) quickly falls for Frenchman Jacques (Edoardo Costa) who runs one of the last wound up carousels in existence. As we later learn, Susan owns one half of a tiny amusement park in New Jersey, so her intrigue in the carousel and its operator becomes much more explicable. Jacques' interest in Susan (beyond a quick fling) feels much less explicable, so when he shows up on her brother's doorstep three months later it is shocking to learn that he married her.

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