‘Grindhouse 4: Creepozoids’ Review

Stars: Linnea Quigley, Ken Abraham, Michael Aranda, Richard L. Hawkins, Kim McKamy (aka Ashlyn Gere) | Written by David DeCoteau, Buford Hauser | Directed by David DeCoteau

Another entry in 88 Films’ Grindhouse Collection, Creepozoids is one of those movies that came to great prominence in my youth thanks to it’s regular appearance on the Stephen King’s This Is Horror TV show, which used to screen on late night ITV in the early 90s. And whilst I feel like I’ve seen most of the film thanks to the number of clips shown in that series, I have never sat down and watch Creepozoids in it’s entirety. Until now.

Set in 1998, six years after the nuclear apocalypse of World War III, the film sees group of army deserters, Bianca (Quigley), Kate (McKamy), Butch (Abraham), Jesse (Aranda), and Jake (Hawkins), take refuge in a seemingly abandoned laboratory complex. They soon discover
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