Mulling The Supervillain In Popular Culture

The first film I ever saw was Goldfinger, the classic Bond film starring Sean Connery. And since watching that film alongside my father, who spoon-fed me Bond after Bond film, I have had a slight obsession with villains, bordering on madness. The villain of that particular film, the titular character, was played wonderfully by Gert Frobe.

His portrayal of a villain wasn’t the most dangerous one I’ve seen, certainly his acrimony was meagre, but it stuck with me. Since then I have been obsessed with villains, both real and fictitious, and their crimes. The fictitious ones to which I am drawn are not only in cinema, they are where they originated in essence, literature. Some of the most iconic I have come across include Hannibal Lector, Alex Delarge and the Joker.

The true essence of the criminal is not entirely in what he does, but instead in how he does it.

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