Remembering Roger Ebert

On Thursday, the film world lost a true titan. And it wasn’t a director or movie star or producer that warranted the kind of heartfelt and universal response we saw that afternoon -- it was a film critic. There were disarmingly earnest Onion articles and political cartoons and a statement from President Obama. All of this spoke to the singular power, impact and importance of Roger Ebert. Those of us who write about movies professionally were obviously hit pretty hard by yesterday’s news, and at The Playlist, we wanted to each contribute our personal thoughts about what the man meant to us. We encourage you to do the same below. Oliver Lyttelton: I have to confess that I came to Roger Ebert late. In the U.K., "At The Movies" didn't air, so growing up, while I'd heard of him (who hadn't? He was, after all, the most
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